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All of us here at The Wiffle Ball, Inc. are thrilled to see that there are so many of you out there who enjoy one of the most popular backyard games in America (and other countries, too!). The number of sites that spring up making mention of WIFFLE ball and detailing the ever-increasing enthusiasm for our product and the game continues to flatter us.
As with any business, there are legal issues that we’d rather not have to address, however, they cannot be ignored. Please be advised that "WIFFLE" and all images contained herein are either copyrights or trademarks of The Wiffle Ball, Inc. Their use, for any purpose, is forbidden unless you’ve obtained express written consent from The Wiffle Ball, Inc. to do so. Additionally, all content, particularly The Rules of the Game, is copyrighted material.
While we're on the subject of trademarks, please take note:
If you're organizing an event, of any type, be sure that you receive written permission from the owner of any trademark you mention in your printed materials. For example, "World Series" is a registered trademark owned by Major League Baseball and should not be used without their written permission. We cannot authorize the use of any trademark not owned by The Wiffle Ball, Inc.
Thanks for your understanding and please contact us in writing, if you are interested in legally acquiring any of our online materials, or wish to obtain permission to use our brand name - WIFFLE - or any of our registered trademarks. If organizing a tournament, please visit the Tournaments link and select the appropriate option. This will begin the on-line permission process. This will also help to protect our valuable brand and comply with the wishes of our trademark counsel. Remember, you can throw curves with a WIFFLE ball, but please, play straight when referring to our valuable brand!
Please contact us in writing at:
The Wiffle Ball, Inc.
P.O. Box 193
Shelton, CT 06484
The Wiffle Ball Co.